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From: Karen E Petrie <>
Date: Fri 02 Aug 2002 02:08:30 PM GMT
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Hi all,

I know usually most querries are dealt by members of the ECLiPSe team at 
IC-Parc, but I have come across something simillar to this recently, so I 
thought I might give a a stab at an answer.

I think you want the minimize/5 predicate, which is:
 minimize(+Goal, ?Template, +Lower +Upper, +Percentage)
Where Goal is the term to minimise, C is the cost to minimse in respect to. 
Lower is the lower bound which any value less than can be considered a solution. 
Upper is the cost bound which is tightened every time a solution is found (i.e. 
it is the value which you have to beat everytime you try to find a lower value). 
Percentage is the amount to chnge by between looking for subsequent solutions.

So a simple example (from the documentation) for minimize/2:
X::1..3, C #= 3-X, minimize(indomain(X),C).

Found a solution with cost 2
Found a solution with cost 1
Found a solution with cost 0

If we are happy with any solution below 2 i.e. 1 we can use minimze/5 to get:
X::1..3, C #= 3-X, minimize(indomain(X),C,2,3,1).

Found a solution with cost 2
Found a solution with cost 1

So all you need to do is write a predicate which trys to see if there is a 
soloution for COST=COST if there is then you can see if there is a solution 
between { COST - 1, COST - 2, ..., COST - N } using mimimixe/5.

Hope this helps,


>Currently, I am working on an optimisation problem
>which can be expressed as follows:
>  minimize( labeling( LIST ), EXPR ).
>However, the problem that I am solving has the
>nice property that if a solution has been found for
>cost = COST, and if no solutions exist (for fixed N)
>for cost in { COST - 1, COST - 2, ..., COST - N }
>then the solution for cost = COST is optimal.
>Needless to say that I would like to make use of
>this property. Can this be done with an existing
>predicate or do I have to build such predicate
>my self?
>Thanks in advance.
>Marc van Dongen
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