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Date: Wed 05 Jun 2002 08:31:54 AM GMT
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I have never tried this, but I think it is quite likely that Java Applets
cannot use either EmbeddedEclipse or OutOfProcessEclipse. This is because
they do not have the security permissions to load shared libraries (required
for EmbeddedEclipse) or to execute arbitrary OS commands (required for
OutOfProcessEclipse). They may be able to use RemoteEclipse if the ECLiPSe
server is running on the web server where the applet originated, but I have
never tried this. If this is possible, to get Java applets to each have an
independent ECLiPSe you would have to set up some kind of ECLiPSe server
process on the web server to start and stop separate ECLiPSes when the
applets request them.

Therefore, you should either implement the above or switch to using full
Java applications rather than applets -- applications can use
EmbeddedEclipse and OutOfProcessEclipse.


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Subject: Re: [eclipse-users] java multi-connections!

>  If we use RemoteEclipse, acctually, all the Java Applects are connected
>  a single Eclipse and they share the logical database, am I right?

If you use the same ECLiPSe process to connect to the Java Applets, then
there would be a single ECLiPSe. If you start up individual ECLiPSes for
Java applet, then you will have different ECLiPSes (this sounds like what
you want).

>  What I want is each Java Applet has its own INDEPENDENT Eclipse.

There is then no issue of multiconnections. If you want to use remote
then just start a new ECLiPSe process for each Java Applet. If you use
out of process ECLiPSe (that is actually just a version of remote ECLiPSe), 
then a new ECLiPSe is automatically started.

>  Does it mean that we even cannot invoke rpc from Java side, while Eclipse
>  is blocking?

If you are talking about the same ECLiPSe, then while it is blocking,
for a remote connection, you cannot invoke a rpc to it from an already
connected Java program. For seperate ECLiPSes, then this is not an issue.

I think if you want to understand how the interface in more detail, you
want to read our paper on it, which gives a high-level overview of the

A High-Level Generic Interface to External Programming Languages for ECLiPSe

It is available from our website:

Hopefully it explains things a bit better than the manuals!


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