Re: lost access to domain variables?

From: Sebastian Sardina <>
Date: Mon 03 Jun 2002 04:36:18 PM GMT
Message-Id: <>
> As Marco points out, you can use delayed_goals/1, etc.  However, I'd
> recommend against doing that on software engineering grounds.  Not all
> variables appearing in delayed goals will be finite domain variables,
> you have no way of knowing which of the delayed goals are "yours", and your
> program is too easy to break accidentally.  For example, suppose you wanted
> to extend your program by introducing a new top-level goal which set up some
> constraints, solved the original problem, and then went on to do something
> else: you'd be trying to label the variables from the new top-level goal as
> well as those from the original problem, which is not what you want.

yes, I totally understand this, you are right. In fact, contrary to what
I thought at the beginning, I do have a situation like the one you
describe, so I guess I will end up carrying all the variables around.

Thanks for pointing out this.

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