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From: josh singer <>
Date: Mon 10 Dec 2001 10:19:11 AM GMT
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Hi sara, 
I had a quick look at your program.
I seem to be missing one of your ECLiPSe files.
:-include (contrattoValidoEdEfficace).

If you can send this it will help me figure out what is going on. 
josh singer

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From: Sara Bernardini []
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 12:10 AM
To: josh singer
Subject: Java-Eclipse interface

Dear Josh, 
I am using Java-Eclipse interface but I have a problem. Trying to be as
clear as possible, the problem is the following.
First, I have a java program that shows a frame with a button "Start", a
JTextArea that is editable, a JTextField also editable and a button"Enter".
Then, I have an Eclipse program that can make its elaboration solely by
putting  questions to the user and by receiving relative answers.
I would like getting the above-mentioned questions be displayed in the
java-frame as well as getting the user be able to answer in the java-frame
itself. In more accurate words, at a first stage - after the user has
pressed the "start" button - I would like getting the question (coming from
Eclipse) be displayed in the JTextArea. At the second stage I would like the
user be able to aswer the question by writing his answer in the JTextField.
Finally I would like the answer come back to Eclipse when the user presses
the "Enter" button. 
This question-answer exchange between Java and Eclipse should - sigh! - be
reiterated more and more times.
I have tryed to perform this by putting the instructions for the creation of
two queues ("java_to_eclipse" and "eclipse_to_java")   in the
actionPerformed method of the Start button, and by adding 1) a TermProducer
as   listener to the java_to_eclipse queue and 2)a TermConsumer as  listener
to the eclipse_to_java queue. Afterwards, again within the actionPerformed
method of the Start button, I call the rpc method in order to  send the goal
to Eclipse.
I have put two instructions within the dataAvailable method of the
TermConsumer class : the reading from the Eclipse_to_java queue and the
setting of the JTextArea.
I have put the following instructions within the dataRequest method of the
TermProducer class : the picking up of the text written in the JTextField
and the writting of this string in the java_to_eclipse queue.
The communication from eclipse to Java works well and in fact the question
sent by Eclipse appears in the JTextArea .
Conversely the communication from Java to Eclipse does not work since I do
not succeed in synchronizing Eclipse  reading on the queue with the user
writing on the JTextField. Eclipse, indeed, does read from the queue before
the user has time to write anything and this provoke problems (unexpected
token error).
Although my problem is quite complex I kindly request you to help me solve
it. Should you decide to have a look at them, I enclose the relevant files.
Thanks a lot.
Sara Bernardini
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