FW: Problems with the Java Interface for ECLiPSe

From: josh singer <josh.singer_at_parc-technologies.com>
Date: Mon 10 Dec 2001 09:53:46 AM GMT
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Hi Roland,

One reason for your problems is that in Java for Windows, classpath entries
are separated by semicolons (;), not colons (:). I'd try that first.

Hope this helps, 


PS Although I've been developing the Java-ECLiPSe interface recently, I may
not always be supporting it 8-]. You should send your queries to
eclipse-users@icparc.ic.ac.uk or eclipse-bugs@icparc.ic.ac.uk, if you have
found a bug. The ECLiPSe team read all these mails and often respond to them

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To: Josh Singer
Subject: Problems with the Java Interface for ECLiPSe


I have a problem with the Java interface for ECLiPSe Prolog. Since you seem
to be the developer of the java interface, you are the right person to ask

When I try to call the Java interface with
    java -classpath
C:\Eclipse\lib\eclipse.jar:. -Declipse.directory=C:\Eclipse QuickTest
in a directory containing the example files (see below), I get the error
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: QuickTest

Other variations of this call result in (slightly) different error messages.
Most times i get a NoClassDefFoundError. Another example is a
NoClassDefFoundError which occurs in the class "EclipseConnectionImpl"; I
don't know more about this error, because I unfortunately don't have the
respective .java file.
I think that the spelling of the pathnames might not be correct (i.e. am I
supposed to use forward slashes, no column, ...?).
What can I do? How is the correct call for the example file on a Windows

I thank you a lot for any help in advance.

Greetings from Germany,
Roland Wenzel


Here the specs of my environment:
- ECLiPSe Version 5.2 #35, installed in C:\Eclipse
- JavaTM 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.3.1 (SDK), installed in
- the OS is Windows 98
- I am trying to run the Example in the directory D:\Eigene Dateien\Prolog

Directory contents of D:\Eigene Dateien\Prolog
.              <DIR>        12-08-01  7:34p .
..             <DIR>        12-08-01  7:34p ..
DATAEX~1 JAV         1,990  09-27-01  1:36a DataExample2.java
DATAEX~2 JAV         1,793  09-27-01  1:36a DataExample1.java
QUEUEE~1 JAV         4,321  09-27-01  1:36a QueueExample2.java
QUEUEE~2 JAV         3,265  09-27-01  1:36a QueueExample1.java
QUEUE_~1 PL            580  09-27-01  1:36a queue_example_1.pl
QUEUE_~2 PL            575  09-27-01  1:36a queue_example_2.pl
QUICKT~1 JAV         1,202  09-27-01  1:36a QuickTest.java
         7 File(s)                13,726 Bytes
         2 Directories           55,96 MB free (sigh!)
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