From: Olivier Thirifay <>
Date: Thu 08 Nov 2001 02:24:06 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>

I would like to know if it is possible to stop the execution of labeling ?

here is an example :

domaine(V):- V=[A,B], A::0..5, B::0..5, labeling(V).
sol(V):- V=[A,B], A::0..5, B::0..5, A#>=4, B#<=5, labeling(V).

test1(X,LSol):-findall(V,sol(V),LSol), domaine(X), member(X,LSol).

test1(X,L) returns me : [4,0], [4,1], ...,  [5,5]  for X
because of, I suppose, the labeling.
So I would like the predicate to stop when it detects that X is not a member 
of LSol (for example : member(X,LSol) when domaine(X) returns [0,0])

I try the following :

test2(X,LSol):-findall(V,sol(V),LSol), domaine(X),
((not(member(X,LSol))-> write(X),abort).

but I use Java and java doesn't take the control.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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