Re: Limits of ECLiPSe ?

From: Olivier Thirifay <>
Date: Tue 23 Oct 2001 08:42:57 AM GMT
Message-ID: <>
>You need to find a way of solving your problem without constructing an
>explicit list of these solutions.


I don't have choice : I use ECLiPSe with Java...(sorry for the missing 
informations in previous mails)
I read in the documentation that it's the only way to obtain the results.
Also, I call the library fd (lib(fd)).
I have for my test 2 predicates like in the previous mail (with  constraints 
a little different in each other) and I use the results
to compute intersection, or difference, ...
I don't see others ways to do that.
I know that I have to restrain the research space but the constraints are 
imposed to me and domains are very large (some domains are comprised between 
0 and 5000 and the only constraint is X>2700)

PS : I discover ECLiPSe. Thanks for your patience.

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