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From: Christophe Meudec <MEUDECC_at_PAT.ITCARLOW.IE>
Date: Wed 06 Jun 2001 02:48:00 PM GMT
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Problem with Wish8.3 (from Tcl)?

The GUI produces the following error message:
"WISH83 caused an invalid page fault in
module ECLIPSE.DLL at 015f:0182efaf."

I am using Eclipse 5.1.3 (same problem occurred under 5.1.0) and 
TCL/Tk 8.3.1.

The error does not occur all the time: it depends on the program 
The error never occurs with the tracer window on and using leap.

Apologies for not being able to give more details. 
It has been annoying me since updating to 5.1.0 I think.

Am I the only one?

And while I am at it. 
I am having a problem with macros.  While the documentation 
%from ECLiPSe doc below
tr_int(0, 0).
tr_int(N, s(S)) :-
        N > 0,
        N1 is N-1,
        tr_int(N1, S).

:- local macro(type(integer), tr_int/2, []).

works fine why:
%my example for reals
trans_read_real(Real, 5).

:- local macro(type(real), trans_read_real/2, []).

does not work? The macro seems to be totally ignored in this case.

Chris Meudec

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