Calling Eclipse function from C++

From: Sathish Kumar Murugesan <>
Date: Fri 16 Mar 2001 05:12:15 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>

I have just started working with Elcipse and I have
got a problem which might rather be a primitive one. 

I need to have a function written in Eclipse, for


concat_test(A, B):-
      concat_string([A, "_", B], X),


And I want to call this function from a C++ program. I
gathered that I can call this function using 

post_goal(term(EC_functor("concat_test", 2), A, B));

But my problem is, how do I get the concat_test
function compiled? And what do I need to do if I want
to return the value of X from the concat_test

Thanks in advance,

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