Re: Slight overlook on fd_search

From: Warwick Harvey <>
Date: Fri 19 Jan 2001 05:28:00 PM GMT
Message-ID: <> wrote:
> In fD_search, the predicate (or procedure) search has a bug when it comes to
> the value choice parameter (for the default ones).

Thanks for the bug report.  We actually noticed and corrected that one
last month; if anybody else would like a corrected version, one can be
downloaded from the ECLiPSe web site or FTP server.  Simply go to where
you'd normally download ECLiPSe from, but instead of selecting the "5.1"
subdirectory, choose "Patch" instead.  The archives there include bug
fixes and often miscellaneous other improvements over the latest release
--- but since they're not official releases, may also include new bugs
or unfinished features, or may be inadvertently broken in some other

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