Slight overlook on fd_search

From: <>
Date: Fri 19 Jan 2001 06:10:38 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
In fD_search, the predicate (or procedure) search has a bug when it comes to
the value choice parameter (for the default ones).

It can be corrected by changing the second production of predicate choose/6

choose(X,N,Type,_In, _Out, _Module):-
	member((Type, Choice),[(indomain_min, min),(indomain_max, max),
(indomain_middle, middle), (indomain_median, median), (indomain_split,
split), (indomain_interval, interval), (indomain_random, random)]),

--Rui Mendes
Received on Fri Jan 19 17:11:48 2001

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