Example of interfacing with VB

From: Reg Dodds <rdodds_at_cs.sun.ac.za>
Date: Wed 12 Jul 2000 05:39:18 PM GMT
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I wonder if you can help.  I am attempting to assist 
somebody to interface VB with Eclipse but seem to be running
into a blank wall.

I am looking for a simple example of using Visual Basic 6 as an 
interface for Eclipse 4.1.  

All the example need contain is the VB code to 'load' some Eclipse 
code that exists in a file called, say, 'try.pl' into Eclipse and
then to get the results back in a file called, say, 'results.txt': 
My efforts at reading the Embedding and Interfacing manual have
yielded the following which does not work:

Private Sub cmdBegin_Click()
Dim value As Long
Dim EC As New EclipseClass
Dim EC_toestand As EC_Status
Dim EC_fout As EC_ERROR

    EC.EclipseDir = "C:\Eclipse\lib\i386_nt\"
    EC.Module = "C:\Eclipse\doc\examples\RD-examples\try.pl"
    'EC_toestand = EC.Post("getcwd(Where).")

    value = EC.Init()
    EC_toestand = EC.ResumeAsync()
    picAfvoer.Print value
    End Sub

Control seems to reach the line :

    value = EC.Init()

and then my VB application dissapears from the screen.

Do I understand Post correctly?  --- you Post some code, and then 
Resume Eclipse to run it.   How do I get the results?
I have a comprehensive example that interfaces Eclipse with Tcl/TK,
but they want to convert it to Visual Basic.

Could  somebody who actually uses Visual Basic for interfacing Eclipse 
contact me directly .

Thanks in anticipation.

reg dodds	rdodds@cs.sun.ac.za
Received on Thu Jul 13 20:22:38 2000

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