Re: Q.: Minimum Setup for Runtime ECLiPSe?

From: Joachim Schimpf <>
Date: Wed 12 Jul 2000 02:48:50 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Markus Hannebauer wrote:
> what is the minimum setup procedure for allowing
> ECLiPSe to be called via the C++ interface under Windows NT?
> We have copied the files eclipse.dll and edge_finder.dll
> to the system directory, but there seems to be more to be done.

You need something that looks like (a subset of) the Eclipse
installation directory, which basically means there must be
a lib and possibly lib/i386_nt subdirectory with at least the
following files (this applies to version 5.0)

<eclipsedir>/lib/  (before 5.0 a bunch of .sd files instead)
	other libraries you use (*.pl, *.ecl, *.eco)

	dlls for libraries you use (e.g. edge_finder.dll)

When Eclipse runs, it must be able to find <eclipsedir>.
Normally it does that by looking up the registry entry
where X.Y is the version number.
In the embedded case, you should instead call
ec_set_option_ptr(EC_OPTION_ECLIPSEDIR, "<eclipsedir>");
before you call ec_init(). The registry is then ignored.

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