Data visualization

From: Екатерина Кутовая <>
Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 08:40:27 AM GMT
Message-Id: <>
How can I use graphics within ECLiPSe, e.g. drawing primitives like
rectangles or displaying text in graphic mode?
I mean is there any library written or how to use C++ functions to make
all their calls drawing in a single window while ECLiPSe is processing
other predicates?

(I want the information got from the predicate's calls to be visualized)

P.S. What does the following error mean?

	system interface error: a device attached to the system is not
functioning in load('myfile.obj')

[ Moderator's note:
1. The recommended way to do graphics is to embed Eclipse into a main
program in TclTk/VisualBasic/C/C++ as described in the Embedding Manual.
2. You can only load .dll files on Windows or .so files on Unix
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