Linux and eclipse 3.5.2

From: Marianne Brown <>
Date: Mon 27 Jul 1998 02:42:33 AM GMT
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I am trying to put eclipse 3.5.2 on my computer.  I am running linux
(redhat 5.0 - kernel 2.0.32).  When I run the INSTALL script in
eclipse/boot I get a heap of undefined references in sepia.o and other
files.  The references are to things like perror and write and kill etc
- all standard c stuff.  

I have set relevant environment variables ( ECLIPSEDIR and ARCH ), I
have tried explicitly including libc.a in the compile command ( using
gcc).  Our system administrator says he kinda remembers having this
problem before but can't remember how he solved it and he doesn't have
time to give me a hand at the moment.  So if anyone out there has any
suggestions it would be much appreciated.

I am using 3.5.2 because it has the save/1 predicate which isn't in
3.7.1  ( save(+File) Saves the state of the current execution state in
File ).  Does any one know at what version this predicate ceased to
exist and if there is an equivalent in 3.7.1 - i've had a quick look tin
the manual and couldn't find one and couldn't find any ChangeLog file
with the distribution.

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[ Moderator's note:
  I would strongly advise you to use a newer version of Eclipse.
  Release 3.5.2 is the last one that has the saved state feature, it
  has been removed since it was of limited use, difficult to port and
  maintain, and incompatible with the new embedding features.
  What's still available is the dump/1 builtin, which converts a .pl
  into a .sd file (a precompiled form of your source).

  -- Joachim
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