ECLiPSe 3.7.1

From: Joachim Schimpf <>
Date: Wed 03 Jun 1998 04:46:11 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Dear ECLiPSe Users!

Since the closure of ECRC's research facilities ECLiPSe support
and development has been shared between Micha Meier in Munich
and my team at IC-Parc in London.

Release 3.7.1 is now available from our ECLiPSe web site at IC-Parc

You can use the password you obtained with your ECLiPSe license
from ECRC to download the new release from IC-Parc. New academic
licenses are also available there.

I am pleased to say that the future of ECLiPSe is secured for
the next few years. ECLiPSe is being used at IC-Parc to develop
industrial planning and scheduling applications. Our focus is
therefore on developing the problem modelling and constraint
solving capabilities of ECLiPSe, and on interfacing with other
commercial solvers and software environments. Since our resources
are limited, we do not support as many different hardware platforms
as we used to, and we don't do further work on parallelism and
databases right now.

The main new features of 3.7 over 3.5 are the following:

 - new solver libraries - lib(eplex), lib(ria), lib(repair)
 - WindowsNT/95 version
 - embeddability into C/C++ and VisualBasic applications
 - logical loop construct - lib(forall)
 - demon predicates
 - improved documentation

Best regards,
 Joachim Schimpf                /               phone: +44 171 594 8187
 IC-Parc, Imperial College     /    
 London SW7 2AZ, UK           /
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