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11.1  Introduction

The Repair library provides two simple, fundamental features which are the basis for the development of repair algorithms and non-monotonic search methods in ECLiPSe:

This functionality allows the implementation of classical local search methods within a CLP environment (see Tutorial on Search Methods). However, the central aim of the Repair library is to provide a framework for the integration of repair-based search with the consistency techniques available in ECLiPSe, such as the domains and constraints of the FD library.

A more detailed description of the theory and methods that are the basis of the Repair library is available [5].

11.1.1  Using the Library

To use the repair library you need to load it using

:- lib(repair).

Normally, you will also want to load one more of the ’fd’, ’ic’, ’fd_sets’ or ’conjunto’ solvers. This is because of the notion of tenability, i.e. whether a tentative value is in a domain is checked by communicating with a different solver that keeps that domain.

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