Package com.parctechnologies.eclipse

Interface Summary
CompoundTerm Interface to describe an ECLiPSe compound term.
EclipseConnection Interface of objects which provide a connection to an ECLiPSe engine.
EclipseEngine Interface of objects providing "ownership" of an ECLiPSe engine.
EclipseMultitaskConnection Interface of objects which provide a multitask aware connection to an ECLiPSe connection.
MultitaskListener Interface defining a listener for entering and leaving multitask phases.
QueueListener Interface for handlers of incoming data or data requests on queues.

Class Summary
AbstractCompoundTerm A useful superclass for objects implementing the CompoundTerm interface.
AsyncEclipseQueue An asynchronous, bidirectional queue for communicating between ECLiPSe and Java.
Atom An ECLiPSe atom.
CompoundTermImpl An ECLiPSe compound term.
EclipseConnectionImpl Abstract superclass of classes which implement the EclipseConnection interface.
EclipseEngineOptions Encapsulates a set of options which can be used to initialise a new ECLiPSe engine.
EmbeddedEclipse An ECLiPSe engine embedded in the JVM process.
EXDRInputStream A stream which can read EXDR format.
EXDROutputStream A stream which can write EXDR format.
FromEclipseQueue A queue for sending data from ECLiPSe to Java.
JEclipse Class with main method which, when called appropriately from the command line, behaves as similarly as possible to a top-level eclipse.
OutOfProcessEclipse An ECLiPSe engine which runs in a child process of the Java virtual machine.
RemoteEclipse Remote connection to an existing ECLiPSe process.
ToEclipseQueue A queue for sending data from Java to ECLiPSe.

Exception Summary
EclipseException The superclass of exceptions relating to the execution of the ECLiPSe engine.
EclipseTerminatedException Exception thrown when access to a terminated ECLiPSe is requested.
Fail Exception thrown when an ECLiPSe rpc goal fails.
Throw Exception thrown when an rpc goal throws an ECLiPSe error.