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matchsub(+Pattern, +String, +Options, -SubMatches)

A substring of String matches the regular expression Pattern and SubMatches are matching sub-expressions
A string (or a compiled pattern handle)
A string
List of atoms
Output: List of strings


Succeeds if all or a substring of String matches the regular expression Pattern. For the description of regular expressions see the library(regex) page.

Options is a (possibly empty) list of atomic option names, as described in the library(regex) page.

SubMatches is bound to a list of strings, each corresponding to a parenthesized subexpression in Pattern. These subexpressions are ordered according to the position of their opening parenthesis within the pattern. The matching string appears on the corresponding position in the SubMatches list. Note that, if a subexpression matches several times, only the last match is returned.

Modes and Determinism

Fail Conditions

String does not match Pattern


    ?- matchsub("Name:([^,]+), Age:([0-9]+),", "Name:Fred, Age:34,", [], L).
    L = ["Fred", "34"]

See Also

library(regex), match / 2, match / 3, match / 4, compile_pattern / 3