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$::(?Var, ++Domain, ?Bool)

Reflect into Bool the truth of Var having the domain Domain. Does not impose integrality.
Domain specification
Reified truth value


Provides a reified form of the $::/2 domain assignment predicate. This reified $::/3 is defined only to work for one variable and real variables (unlike ::/3), hence only the Domain formats suitable for reals may be supplied to this reified $::/3.

For a single variable, V, the Bool will be instantiated to 0 if the current domain of V does not intersect with Domain. It will be instantiated to 1 iff the domain of V is wholly contained within Domain. Finally the Boolean will remain an integer variable in the range 0..1, if neither of the above two conditions hold.

Instantiating Bool to 1, will cause the constraint to behave exactly like $::/2. Instatiating Bool to 0 will cause a set of delayed goals to excluded the range from the domain of the variable where such an exclusion is representable.

Note that calling the reified form of $:: will NOT result in the Variable becoming constrained to be integral, even if domain contains only integers.

Further note that, like other reified predicates, $:: can be used infix in an IC expression, e.g. B #= (X $:: [1..10]) is equivalent to $::(X, [1..10], B).


[eclipse 2]: $::(X, 1..30,1).

X = X{1.0 .. 30.0}
Yes (0.00s cpu)

[eclipse 3]: $::(X, [1..10, 12..30],0).

type error in $::(X, [1 .. 10, 12 .. 30], 0)

[eclipse 4]: $::(X, 1.0..30.0,B).

X = X{-1.0Inf .. 1.0Inf}
B = B{[0, 1]}
There are 3 delayed goals.
Yes (0.00s cpu)

See Also

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