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hash_insert_suspension(+Table, +Susp, -Notifications)

Attach a suspension to be woken on hash table modifications
Hash table
A suspension
A receive port, see library(notify_ports)


Attach a suspension Susp to the hash table Table such that it gets woken whenever the table changes (i.e. when entries are added, changed or removed).

The suspended goal would typically be a demon (because it is going to be woken repeatedly, on every change). hash_insert_suspension/3 also supplies a Notifications argument, which should be used as one of the arguments of the suspended goal (see example). This is a "receive port" as defined by library(notify_ports), and is used to convey information about the changes that happened to the hash table. The notifications are of the following form:

if a table entry was added
if a table entry was modified
if a table entry was removed
Note that the suspensions will be always be woken after the hash table has changed, so they will see the new state when they wake up.

Modes and Determinism


    % Program:

	hash_create_verbose(H) :-
	    make_suspension(report(Notifications,Susp), 2, Susp),
	    hash_insert_suspension(H, Susp, Notifications).

	:- demon(report/2).
	report(Notifications, Susp) :-
	    notify_ports:receive_notifications(Notifications, List, Status),
	    ( Status = closed -> kill_suspension(Susp) ; true ).

    % Sample execution

    ?- hash_create_verbose(H),
       hash_set(H,k1,v1), hash_set(H,k1,v2), hash_delete(H,k1),
    changes : [add(k1, v1)]
    changes : [chg(k1, v1, v2)]
    changes : [rem(k1, v2)]
    changes : []

    H = hash(4, 0, [])
    Yes (0.00s cpu)

See Also

hash_terminate_suspensions / 1, notify_ports : receive_notifications / 3, notify_ports : foreachnotification / 6, library(notify_ports), demon / 1