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biconnected_components(+Graph, -Articulations, -BCC)

Finds the biconnected components of the graph
a graph structure
a list of integer node numbers
list of lists of integer node numbers


Computes the biconnected components of a graph, i.e. maximal subsets of the graph's nodes whose nodes are mutually accessible via at least two distinct paths (in other words, subgraphs which have no articulation points).

Also compute a list of articulation points, i.e. those nodes that connect the biconnected components to each other.

This operation is only defined for bidirected graphs.

Note that by convention, isolated nodes and pairs of nodes connected by a single (bidirected) edge also form biconnected components.

Modes and Determinism

See Also

graph_is_bidirected / 1, articulation_points / 2, strong_components / 2