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current_domain(?Name, -DefModule, -DomainDef)

Name is the name of a visible domain, defined by DomainDef in DefModule
Atom or variable
Variable or atom (module)
Usually variable, will be bound to a ground structure


Used to look up a domain definition, or to enumerate all domain definitions visible in the caller module. Visible domain definitions are those which have been either declared locally, or exported, or which have been imported or reexported from another module.

DefModule is the module where the domain was declared local or exported. DomainDef is the structure which was specified in the original domain definition.

Modes and Determinism


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

Fail Conditions

No visible domain name unifies with Name


    :- local domain(colour(red,green,blue)).

    :- export domain(vowel(a,e,i,o,u)).

    :- local domain(abc(a,b,c)).
    Domain value a not unique in module eclipse
    out of range in local domain(abc(a, b, c))

    ?- current_domain(Name, DefModule, Def).
    Name = colour
    DefModule = eclipse
    Def = colour(red, green, blue)
    More (0.00s cpu) ? ;

    Name = vowel
    DefModule = eclipse
    Def = vowel(a, e, i, o, u)
    More (0.00s cpu) ? ;

    No (0.00s cpu)

    ?- current_domain(vowel, DefModule, Def).
    Name = vowel
    DefModule = eclipse
    Def = vowel(a, e, i, o, u)
    Yes (0.00s cpu)

    ?- current_domain(abc, DefModule, Def).
    No (0.00s cpu)

See Also

domain / 1, domain_index / 3