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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:50:04 +0000
Hi Sergii,

> On 27/01/2015, at 08:13, Sergii Dymchenko <kit1980@...6...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I will be running "Introduction to constraint logic programming" workshop at LambdaConf (May 22-24, Boulder CO).

Congratulations :-)

> This is a non-academic conference mostly about functional programming, not logic programming, so I assume that most people there will not be very familiar with Prolog.

Converting the infidels is a worthy endeavor :-)

> I will use ECLiPSe for the workshop, probably  the ic library only.
> The workshop duration is 2 hours. Currently I don't have an estimate how many people will participate; my wild guess is 20.
> I plan to give very brief and narrow Prolog introduction, explain ECLiPSe loops, give some motivation for constraint programming vs Prolog, give one or two very simple examples (like cryptarithmetic puzzles).

Is there a canonical example on how to do this kind of puzzles in a popular functional language? If so, a side-by-side comparison could help to get people up to speed.

> Then I want to ask the audience to model and solve (with my one-on-one help) either a variant of the problem I explained, or some new simple problem that don't have an ECLiPSe solution available on the Internet ( After that there should be some time to present my "reference solution" to the problem.

By asking the audience to solve a problem do you mean on paper/whiteboard or by using personal laptops?

> My teaching experience is very limited. 
> Do you think the plan I described is feasible given the time constraints and the audience? Any suggestions for the problems to use? Any other suggestions?

Sounds doable. If people will be using their own laptops to try their solutions to the problem(s), trying to get people to install ECLiPSe *before* the workshop will save you precious time (maybe a section in the workshop web page with clear step-by-step instructions if you have not done that already). Also be aware of small things that can distract people and slow them down while trying to code a solution. Basic things like which editor to use, where to save, with which extension, how to load and run, and maybe even do basic debugging.



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