[eclipse-clp-users] ANN: Logtalk 3.00.0 is now available

From: Paulo Moura <pmoura_at_...342...>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2015 01:29:56 +0000

The stable release of the third generation of Logtalk (3.x) is now available at:


Logtalk is an open source object-oriented logic programming language that extends and leverages the Prolog language with a feature set suitable for programming in the large. Logtalk supports modern code encapsulation and code reuse mechanisms without compromising the declarative programming features of Prolog. Logtalk is implemented in highly portable code and can use most modern and standards compliant Prolog implementations as a back-end compiler. The Logtalk distribution features portable libraries and portable assertions, documenting, diagraming, and unit testing tools, plus extensive code editing and publishing support. It also includes extensive documentation and a large number of programming examples.

Highlights compared with the previous generation of Logtalk (2.x) include:

- faster compiler and runtime
- refined language semantics
- stricter language syntax
- improved compiler lint checker
- new message forwarding and message delegation support
- new structured message printing mechanism
- new structured question asking mechanism
- major improvements to reflection support
- make functionality and support for absolute and relative source file paths
- extended coinduction support
- new Prolog conformance unit test suite
- extended Logtalk unit test suites
- new programming examples

Also included in this release are new and improved developer tools:

- new assertions and ports profiler tools
- improved debugger with new trace options and support for source file line breakpoints
- improved unit test framework with support for full code coverage, determinism tests, input/output tests, and new test dialects
- improved diagrams tool with support for file loading and dependency diagrams, entity and predicate cross-reference diagrams, diagrams of Prolog module applications, and extended options including URL linking options to documentation and source code repositories
- improved documenting tool with support for exporting Markdown text files, extended linking options, and more complete coverage of entity and predicate properties

Supported Prolog compilers:

- B-Prolog 7.8 or later versions
- CxProlog 0.97.7 or later versions
- ECLiPSe 6.1#143 or later versions
- GNU Prolog 1.4.2 or later versions
- Lean Prolog 3.8.8 or later versions (experimental)
- Qu-Prolog 9.0 or later versions
- Quintus Prolog 3.3~3.5 (experimental)
- SICStus Prolog 4.1.0 or later versions
- SWI Prolog 6.0.0 or later versions
- XSB 3.5.0 or later versions
- YAP 6.3.4 or later versions

Logtalk development and feature set benefit on a regular base from cooperation with academic partners, in particular those working on programming languages and tools research. Commercial contracts further help in funding continuous Logtalk development. Contact us regarding cooperation opportunities. For Logtalk (and Prolog) commercial consulting and development services, see:


Happy New Year,


Paulo Moura
Logtalk developer

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Web:   <http://logtalk.org/>
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