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From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 22:20:53 +0100
On 11/08/2013 17:18, Volkan Unsal wrote:

> tkeclipse has the same problems as the commandline in terms of not being
> easy to use. If I need to go back to the last command, I need to use mouse
> to open a dropdown and find the last line there. You can't just "up arrow"
> to get the last line. Second, copy+paste is broken. It just doesn't read
> stuff from the clipboard. There are lots of little nuisances that made a
> bad impression on me last time I used it.

The up/down arrow keys are programmed to move through the history
in the query entry window, but for some reason these are mapped to 
Shift-<Key> (i.e. you need to press shift along with the arrow keys) on 
the Aqua version of tkeclipse. I assume this is because of some 
Mac-specific behaviour with the Tk widget we are using for the entry 
window. I will look to see if they can be mapped back to the arrow keys 
on their own.

Meanwhile, you can use the X11 version of tkeclipse (xtkeclipse) on your 
Mac, where the arrow keys does work. You need a version of Tcl/Tk that 
will work with X11, like the tcltk tarball from where you download the 
Mac version of ECLiPSe.

The Mac copy and paste keys (Command-C and Command-V) works in the query 
entry window on the Aqua version of tkeclipse, though we didn't program 
them in. The X11 cut and paste behaviour with the mouse (which we did 
program in) also works -- you just highlight the text you want to copy 
and press the middle mouse-button (or Control-<mouse button> if you have 
a one button mouse, or both mouse buttons for a two button mouse) to do 
the copy and paste.

> I might use it for debugging finished programs, but even for that I would
> rater do it in the commandline rather than a GUI app. As someone who spends
> most of his time in the terminal, a GUI app for compiling and making feels
> like a different country.

It sounds like you are just not used to using a GUI -- my guess is that 
most of the 'nuisances' are probably just things that are done 
differently from in the command line. I suggest you do try and get used 
to using it: it would make development much easier.


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