[eclipse-clp-users] Python Interface / PostgreSQL/MongoDB

From: Oreste <oreste_at_...340...>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 19:42:18 +0100
Hi Gottfried,
I am the developer of PyCLP.
As described in the installation in Linux platform requires cython (to 
generate the c file that are later compiled).
This is quite typical way to install in Linux platform in order to enjoy 
the latest libraries and cython.
For Windows I provide a binary installer for Python3.x (32 bits).

I guess that you are using Linux. So I recommend to install cython. If 
you have problem I can update the package and add the c files generated 
by cython so you don't need extra packages.

If you need any further support you can contact me directly at this 
email or through pyclp.berlios.de website.

Best Regards
Oreste Bernardi

Subject: [eclipse-clp-users] Python Interface / PostgreSQL/MongoDB
From: "Gottfried F. Zojer" <goenzoy@...6...>
Date: 12/11/2012 18:17
To: "eclipse-clp-users_at_lists.sourceforge.net" 

Hello to everyone,

I can see within the source-code download that eclipseclp can be linked 
to Mysql.
Just wondering if somebody is using eclipseclp with PostgreSQL via the 
Python Interface?
Unfortunately I m getting error messages when installing the Python 
Interface ( cython distutils import )

Thanks in advance for any feedback

Best regards

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