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Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2012 22:55:50 -0200

A starting point  should be by examples, in Hakan's site there a lot of

the Hakan's codes are very well written with a *sophisticated elegance.*

If you wish some material on optimization ... I have something written in


2012/11/4 Anshu Shankar Prasad <anshu.sprasad.che10@...339...>

> I am planning to use CP (with ECLIPSE) for solving multi-objective
> optimization problems to obtain the complete paret front for FD problems.
> The strategy that I plan to employ is determine one single feasible
> solution and add a constraint which would ensure that any other feasible
> solution will be better than the current feasible solution in at least one
> of the objective functions. This process will be repeated till all the
> pareto points are obtained from the finite domain. Doing this manually will
> require re-initializing the problem every time and would lead to wastage of
> time and effort. I would prefer to add such cuts automatically.
> Are there any examples which show the dynamic addition of such constraints
> after the determination of every feasible solution ? I would appreciate if
> someone from this community points me to such examples.
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