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From: Christian Giffhorn <chrgiffhorn_at_...6...>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 00:46:21 +0100
hi all,

 i am still experiencing with the eclipse interface and still have
problems to start a prolog function from the C++ side. i try to show
it to you with the golog interpreter from Reiter, and the common
example Programm.

On Prolog side i can make this call
" do(control, s0, S)."

And get this Answer:
"S = open do down(0) do close do open do turnoff(5) do up(5) do close
do open do turnoff(3) do down(3) do s0
Yes (0.00s cpu, solution 1, maybe more)"

if i try the same with C++, my program should look like this:

"#include "eclipseclass.h

int main()

		EC_ref States;
		post_goal(term(EC_functor("=",2), States, EC_atom("S")));

        if(EC_resume() != EC_succeed)
			cout << "Compilation failed" << endl;
		} else
			cout << " Compilation succes" << endl;

		post_goal(term(EC_functor("do",3), EC_atom("control"),
EC_atom("s0"), States));
		if(EC_resume() != EC_succeed)
			cout << "succees" << endl;

	return 0;

That how i think it should work, but at the end of compilation the
program crashes, and the debugger leads me to the deconstructor of the
ref(i can even make a cout happen after the cleanup). The example
program to test the c++ enviroment, works fine, i noticed some weird
thing in the past when i still had the code included for the
input/output test it shows me a failure in the the output code like
that: do(control, s0, "S") i couldn't reconsturate it but i got it
with an EC_atom(S) call without the ref.

I am also not hundert percent sure, how the prolog interpreter display
the "history" here, maybe i this leading to the error. Else i will
test it out later.

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