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From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 17:59:01 +0100

For Windows, ECLiPSe is currently built using the MinGW cross-compiler, 
rather than with MSVC -- many years ago (before 2006) ECLiPSe was partly 
built with MSVC (but the main engine was still cross-compiled from gcc, 
as we used (and are still using) gcc specific features), which is why 
there are these project files.

The ECLiPSe Setup guide describe how to build ECLiPSe, including cross 
compiling it for Windows. This is distributed with ECLiPSe, but you can 
also get it here:

You can also compile ECliPSe with MinGW on Windows, under Cygwin, using 
MinGW/MSYS, I have not personally done this, but I think Joachim have.

With the cross-compile, the rules for building eplex with CPLEX 12.1 is 
there already (in fact we build eplex with CPLEX 12.1 in our daily build 
of ECLiPSe), so you should be able to build this yourself. You need to 
put the CPLEX files in the right place -- note we link against 
cplex121.dll, rather than the .lib file you list. The .dll file is found 
in the bin directory of the CPLEX distribution, and it needs to be in 
<ECLIPSETHIRDPARTY>/cplex121/bin/i386_nt (for 32 bit Windows).

We have not been distributing eplex with CPLEX because on most systems, 
the CPLEX libraries are supplied as static libraries, but for Windows, 
they are dynamic libraries, and we can distribute it without including 
the proprietary code of CPLEX. I can send you the files you would need 
to run CPLEX for Windows (32 bit only for ECLiPSe 6.0, 32 and 64 bit for 
ECLiPSe 6.1 -- let me know which version you need). You would need to 
supply cplex211.dll yourself (put it into <ECLiPSe>/lib/i386_nt (or 
x86_64_nt for 64 bit Windows)).

I will also look into including the files in our binary distributions of 
ECLiPSe for Windows.



On 18/05/2011 16:22,  luke2k4@...6... wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to test ECLiPSe with CPLEX 12.1 on the WinXp platform, if I
> understand it correctly I need to rebuild the "EplexSCplex.dsp" dsp project
> to get the secplex121.dll
> To build the dll i need:
>     - cplex121.lib
>     - visual studio 6.0 (is this the environment/ tools used for win builds
>     ?)
>     - some find and replace in the make file/project if I want to use a
>     version "X" of cplex different than 6.0
> Is there anything that I missed ?
> Is there a document describing how to set up the build environment for
> ECLiPSe if I wanted to rebuild the whole project not only the secplexX.dll ?
> Thanks in advance
> Łukasz Domagała
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