[eclipse-clp-users] looking for AsyncEclipseQueue sample code

From: -dp- <david_at_...151...>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 16:48:32 +0800
I'm planning to refactor an EmbeddedEclipse design that uses listeners on
to/from queues to a design using OutOfProcessEclipse
using AsyncEclipseQueue.

I'm doing this because I need my UI to allow the user to "pause" CLP by
sending sleep commands in response to dataRequest's until the user presses a
Next button. Because the to/from queues block, the Next button never gets
any cycles to do its work. (And paint's don't occur until EmbeddedEclipse is

I've read the embedding manual on AsyncEclipseQueue, and it advises using
different threads to run rpc and to read/write to the queue(s). However,
it's unclear to me whether it makes sense to put my UI on the same thread as
the rpc; I'd like to minimize threads.

Also, it's unclear how the CLP side can check whether there is an active
thread available to read data it's ready to write, as section 8.6.1 advises.

The Google didn't turn up any sample code; can someone point me to some,
perhaps involving a JFrame?
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