Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Possible to flush all rules and assertions from EmbeddedEclipse to run successive unit tests?

From: Joachim Schimpf <joachim.schimpf_at_...269...>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 14:03:08 +1100
-dp- wrote:
> I have been using EmbeddedEclipse with queues to run one unit test at a
> time via Java. This has worked fine because I can define in the unit
> test which ECL files to compile, what query to make, and what result the
> query should return.
> However, I'd now like to run one unit test after another. That means
> that after running one, I would need a way to flush all compiled rules
> and any assertions before compiling new ones. But there is nothing in
> the EmbeddedEclipse API that permits such flushing.

The way to do this is to run your tests inside a module, and then
erase and re-create that module before the next test, using

Goals called from Java are executed in a default module (see the
defaultModule setting in EclipseEngineOptions).  So you can either
change that, or use call(Goal)_at_test_module to run your test in
a particular module.

-- Joachim
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