Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Debugging and Development [in Eclipse IDE]

From: Christian Wirth <tyrion_at_...215...>
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 14:17:10 +0200
Thanks, for anyone who wants to use this: You have to install the Web 
Tools Project also. (an eclipse plugin)
Additionaly i just tested .. 
paren-balancing and syntax highlighting is working

-dp- schrieb:
>     Christian Wirth wrote:
>     > I'm currently using a text editor and the eclipse
>     tracer/inspector for
>     > debugging .. but i find this very annoying, because i'm missing
>     several
>     > features that i'm used to have from other development platforms
>     (
>     > Eclipse for Java).
>     >
>     > At first, i want to know if there is a special Prolog
>     development editor
>     > ? found one for Eclipse but that does not support EclipseCLP. I only
>     > want some simple features like auto completation, syntax
>     highlighting,
>     > call hierarchy, syntax checking ...
>     > What is everyone else using ?
> I replied to this query before, suggesting TkEclipse (and suggesting 
> against Saros in the Eclipse IDE), and here's an update: It's possible 
> at least to get paren-balancing in the Eclipse IDE. Here's how:
> I use this for editing my .ecl and .pro files.
> For debugging rather than editing, I first create a standalone version 
> of my CLP app that uses stubbed input data and run it through 
> TkEclipse. Once that's working, because my CLP app is actually 
> embedded in Java (using one of the recommended techniques, EXDR 
> queues), I run the whole app in the Eclipse IDE, and I use TestNG to 
> define unit and integration tests. For these tests, the CLP app is 
> designed to put special compound terms on the eclipse-to-java queue 
> that summarize what it's doing. Constrained vars are an important part 
> of these status updates, and to preserve their details for inspection 
> on the Java side, I convert them to a string format before putting 
> them on the queue; the TestNG tests just do a deep equality comparison 
> between what comes out of the queue and predefined verification terms.
>      -dp-
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