Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Debugging and Development [in Eclipse IDE]

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Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 14:35:26 +0800
> Christian Wirth wrote:
> > I'm currently using a text editor and the eclipse tracer/inspector for
> > debugging .. but i find this very annoying, because i'm missing several
> > features that i'm used to have from other development platforms (
> > Eclipse for Java).
> >
> > At first, i want to know if there is a special Prolog development editor
> > ? found one for Eclipse but that does not support EclipseCLP. I only
> > want some simple features like auto completation, syntax highlighting,
> > call hierarchy, syntax checking ...
> > What is everyone else using ?

I replied to this query before, suggesting TkEclipse (and suggesting against
Saros in the Eclipse IDE), and here's an update: It's possible at least to
get paren-balancing in the Eclipse IDE. Here's how:

use this for editing my .ecl and .pro files.

For debugging rather than editing, I first create a standalone version of my
CLP app that uses stubbed input data and run it through TkEclipse. Once
that's working, because my CLP app is actually embedded in Java (using one
of the recommended techniques, EXDR queues), I run the whole app in the
Eclipse IDE, and I use TestNG to define unit and integration tests. For
these tests, the CLP app is designed to put special compound terms on the
eclipse-to-java queue that summarize what it's doing. Constrained vars are
an important part of these status updates, and to preserve their details for
inspection on the Java side, I convert them to a string format before
putting them on the queue; the TestNG tests just do a deep equality
comparison between what comes out of the queue and predefined verification

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