Re: [eclipse-clp-users] List of Terms to Term

From: Christian Wirth <tyrion_at_...215...>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 19:07:02 +0100
Kish Shen schrieb:
> Christian Wirth wrote:
>> i want to convert a list of terms into a term:
> I am not clear what you mean by this: a list of terms *is* a term itself.
Not every list, only when its correctly nested. I simply have a list 
where each element is a term: [pred(A,B),pred2(A,C),pred3(B,C)] is not a 
correct term, but a list of terms (, is the element seperation symbol, 
not the AND symbol)

>> my list is in cnf and looks like this: [pred(A,B),pred2(A,C)]. The 
>> resulting term has to be ListElement1 AND ListElement2 AND 
>> ListElement3 ....
>> variables have to be preserved as always, functor copy is not enough.
> What is AND, and what are ListElements?
AND = ,
ListElement is a element of a list, in my example ListElement1=pred(A,B) 
(the result u would get with nth0(0,List,ListElement1))
> In any case, if you want to "preserve" a variable, you just need to
> refer to the variable in your source in both the original term, and in
> the new term you create. If you create a new term (using 'functor 
> copy'), you can then unify the new variables in your new term with the 
> variables you want to copy.
> Cheers,
> Kish
The problem i have is, i need to call \+(\+(List)) .. but i get an 
error:  type error in existing_file([d_role(Player, state), 'd_++'(_403, 
_478, state), 'd_++'(_403, _478, state), d_cell(_402, _478, state)], 
[".eco", "", ".ecl", ".pl"], [readable], _786)

cheers Christian

>> Anyone an idea ?
>> best regards Christian Wirth
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