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Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 11:22:19 +0000
Hi all, I'm returning to Prolog after a long break. I'd dearly love to become proficient in it but have a bit of a hill to climb at the moment. I am finding any and every example very helpful- thanks to anyone who published their work- every Prolog program is a work of art to me.
I just wanted to point out that I think there is a problem with the crew.pl example linked from  the main Eclipse website and I wonder if someone (far more proficient than me) could double-check as I've spent a lot of time tyring to work out  whether the problem is me or the program!
The problem centers around the "two-days-rest" clauses. This works for the data given but when the data approaches the limits of possibilty to satisfy the contraints (maximum crew members etc) the two-days-rest constraint seems to fly out of the cabin window! I know unions are weak these days but... ;-)
I ran it with this data overnight (it took 5 hours):
  [flight( 1,crew:6,stewards:3,stewardesses:3,french:1,spanish:1,german:1),
   flight( 2,crew:6,stewards:3,stewardesses:3,french:1,spanish:1,german:1),
   flight( 3,crew:6,stewards:3,stewardesses:3,french:1,spanish:1,german:1),
   flight( 4,crew:7,stewards:3,stewardesses:3,french:1,spanish:1,german:1),
   flight( 5,crew:7,stewards:3,stewardesses:3,french:1,spanish:1,german:1),
   flight( 6,crew:7,stewards:3,stewardesses:3,french:1,spanish:1,german:1)
And no solution respected the two_days_off clauses.
If the problem is my understanding- can someone explain briefly how this constraint can be decided as optional?

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