[eclipse-clp-users] Problem using probe_sched

From: Riyadh Jemal <riyadh_at_...191...>
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 08:15:21 +0300
Greetings everyone,

I am trying to write a scheduling application using probe_sched/5.

When I assign the list of start time variables like:-

Start_vars = [S1, S2, S3]

within the predicate in which I call probe_sched the program runs fine.

However when I try to dynamically create this list from user input like
below in the predicate in which I call probe_sched:-

get_start_vars(User_input_list, Start_vars)

I get a list of "Singleton variable" messages (which include some of my
start time variables which I have used in inequality constraints), and
when I run the program all the inequality constraints remain as delayed

It seems to me that the variables in the inequality constraints are not
the same ones in the dynamically created list even though they have the
same names.

To be practical the program has to be able to dynamically create the
list of start time variables from user input. Can anyone help.

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