[eclipse-clp-users] Help on library(graphviz)

From: Afonso Henrique Sampaio <afonsohenriquesampaio_at_...6...>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 14:44:05 -0300
Hello everyone,
I`ve been trying to use library(graphviz) to visualize a graph generated
within my model. I have Graphiviz programs properly installed, but when I
query Eclipse the following error message arises: "output error: Broken pipe
in close(##)" ## is a number.
Maybe there's no link between these problems, but the goal
ensure_loaded(library(java_vc)) always gets aborted and Eclipse displays the
message error: "library not found in use_module(library(listut))
*** compilation aborted in the file /home/afonso/ECLiPSe/lib/vc_support.eco
*** compilation aborted in the file /home/afonso/ECLiPSe/lib/java_vc.eco"
In fact, I couldn't find listut in the library directory...
Anyone has some idea for what`s wrong? Is library(listut) missing the
Thanks in advance,(and apologize for my english...)
Afonso Henrique Sampaio.
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