[eclipse-clp-users] possible work opportunities with ECLiPSe

From: Jonathan Lever <jonlever0_at_...1...>
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 19:41:08 +0200

I'm looking for people who have experience in industrial optimisation  
projects with ECLiPSe, and availability to participate in this kind  
of work in some shape or form. I worked on a project this year whose  
success threatens to lead to more work than I can handle -  
maintenance and development of this delivered application, and  
further projects for the same client and others. Based in SW Germany,  
but remote working need not be a problem. Contact me for more details  
if you are interested - ideally, let me know a telephone number/skype  
username where I can reach you.

With thanks,

Jonathan Lever
Received on Thu Oct 01 2009 - 17:41:19 CEST

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