Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Finding the ECLiPSE startup directory

From: Paulo Moura <pmoura_at_...16...>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 20:30:18 +0000
On 2009/03/17, at 18:55, Kish Shen wrote:

> Paulo Moura wrote:
>> On 2009/03/16, at 18:18, Kish Shen wrote:
>>> Paulo Moura wrote:
>> Please see my previous reply to the mailing list. I cannot use the - 
>> e  option as I need to know the startup directory for the  
>> initialization  goals in the file that I'm loading using the -b  
>> option and the -e  option goal is executed after the -b option.
> It seems to me that you don't want to use -b, not -e -- you can  
> compile the file you would load with -b in the query of -e, i.e.
> -e "......, compile(boot)"
> instead of -b boot.

That's the solution I end up using. It works quite well both on POSIX  
systems and Windows :-)

>> Note that what I'm trying to accomplish is similar to ECLiPSe   
>> initialization at startup behavior. From the docs:
>> "For eclipse, before displaying the initial prompt, the system  
>> checks  whether there is a file called .eclipserc in the current  
>> directory and  if not, in the user's home directory. If such a file  
>> is found, ECLiPSe  compiles it first."
> That really is only suitable for Un*x, and is a holdover from the  
> old days.

It might be a holdover from the old days but it's quite handy for  

> We certainly don't try to do anything clever with what the `current  
> directory' is on Windows -- as I said, this is probably fixed by  
> Windows, unless you start ECLiPSe in unusual ways, e.g. inside a  
> bash shell in cygwin. Also, the `home directory' is also probably  
> not defined when you start ECLiPSe using normal Windows methods.

On Windows is a bit more work as a Logtalk user needs to duplicate the  
installed shortcuts and erase the "Start in" field in the shortcut  
proprieties. The edited shortcut can then be copied to your project  
folders. Also, in the case of Logtalk, if no settings file is found in  
the startup directory, then the Logtalk user folder is searched for a  
settings file. The Logtalk user folder is always defined using an  
environment variable.

Thank you both for your suggestions. Cheers,


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