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From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 17:17:58 +0000
Jorge Navas wrote:
>> Which ECLiPSe solver are you trying to port CLP(R) to? Any answer to 
>> your question is very likely to depend on which solver you are
>> using.
> I thought Clp(Q,R) because it may be easier.
>> As dump/3 is a predicate in CLP(R), it would be helpful if you give
>> some description of what dump/3 does. From what I can gather from a
>> quick search, dump/3 seem to be used to extract the problem
>> constraints. This may not be a critical part of your CLP(R)
>> application, as the extracting of the constraints may be for
>> information purpose only.
> dump(Targets,NewVars,Ans).
> Ans is the collection of current constraints projected with respect to
> Targets and given in terms of NewVars. For instance, 
> ?- X > Y + Z, dump([X,Y,Z],[A,B,C],Ans).
> Ans = [ - A + B + C < 0]
> And, as you mentioned dump/3 is usually used for information
> purposes. However, in my case it's very relevant for the application.
> Thanks!
> Jorge
Hi Jorge,

There is a file in Clp(Q,R) (in <Clpqr>/clpr/eclipse for the 
Clp(R) version) that produces the solver state. This may do what you want.

Clp(Q,R) is a quite an old contributed software to ECLiPSe, and it is 
written entirely in Prolog, and it is not particularly efficient. If the 
problem your application solves has linear constraints only, and in 
particular if it is an optimisation problem, you may want to consider 
using lib(eplex) instead, which interfaces to external Mathematical 
Programming solvers, and can be orders of magnitude faster than Clp(R) 
of Clp(Q,R). It is also more flexible (for example, you can repeatedly 
solve and modify a problem).



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