Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Slow OutOfProcessEclipse under Unix/Linux

From: Martin Wegner <martinator.de_at_...114...>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 20:11:59 +0200

but not when you have a huge communication...
Every game stands for one very small communication between java und
And when we play 14000 games in 60 seconds we have 233 communication
steps every second per core.

With Windows XP no problem, with Unix/Linux a very big problem :(

It seems that the RPC under Unix/Linux is slower than in Windows XP...

Under Windows XP my CPU runs with 100% (70% eclipse.exe and 30% Java).
Under Linux my CPU runs with 45% (35% eclipse.exe and 10% Java).

I wrote some emails with Kish but their is no solution until yet :(



Wit Jakuczun schrieb:
> 2008/9/13 Martin Wegner <martinator.de_at_...114...>:
>> Hello,
>> I'm a student and work on a project that uses eclipse prolog with
>> OutOfProcessEclipse and Java.
>> Now I observe that OutOfProcessEclipse is very very slow under Unix/Linux :(
> I have used OutOfProcessEclipse on Sparc/Solaris and it worked
> quite efficiently. Overhead on transfering data from Java to ECLiPSe
> was negligible. Size of data was approximately 50kB.
> There was no difference in runnig speed (not counting time needed
> to transfer data) between Windows and Solaris.
> Best regards
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