Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Question regarding hardware architecture for ECLiPSe

From: Wit Jakuczun <wit.jakuczun_at_...6...>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 17:59:23 +0200
2008/7/2 Joachim Schimpf <jschimpf_at_...127...>:
> Wit Jakuczun wrote:
>> 2008/6/25 Joachim Schimpf (Independent Contractor) <jschimpf_at_...5...>:
>>> Wit Jakuczun wrote:
>>>> Dear All,
>>>>    I have a question whether the following architecture
>>>> is supported by ECLiPSe:
>>>> - Hardvare: 4 x 2-Core UltraSPARC T1, 1.2 GHz
>>>> - OS: Solaris 10
>>>> - Domain is working on 3 or 4 mainboards f25, each have 4 processors
>>>> DualCore and 16GB RAM.
>>>> By supporting I under stand:
>>>> - existing binaries (there are binaries for Solaris 5)
>>> Don't get confused by Sun's numbering scheme:
>>> Solaris X = SunOS 5.X (at least for X >= 7)
>>> The existing sparc_sunos5 binaries are 32-bit Sparc binaries
>>> and have been compiled on SunOS 5.8, though 5.9 is also known
>>> to work.
>>> There is a good chance (having some confidence in Sun) that they
>>> will work (in 32-bit mode) on your 64-bit SunOS 5.10 machine.
>> My contractor made an attempt to run ECLiPSe under SunOS 5.10 (Sparc)
>> and got the following error:
>> eclipse.exe: fatal: open failed: No such file
>> or directory
>> It seems that ECLiPSe needs GCC runtime libraries.
> I have just investigated the possibility of linking libgcc_s statically,
> in order to remove this dependency, but apparently this is not advisable
> because (a) the dynamic library is required for proper exception handling
> in a C++ context, and (b) the -static-libgcc option works only if using
> the gnu linker (which we don't).
> So the clean way for you is to get, e.g. from
> If you can't/don't want to install it in the standard location, you can
> just put to <eclipsedir>/lib/sparc_sunos5

Ok. We have managed to run eclipse, but got the following error:

Exception in thread "Thread-1" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: The
shared library /topt/eclipse-clp/lib/sparc_sunos5/
could not be found.
        at com.parctechnologies.eclipse.Platform_UNIX.loadEclipseSharedLibrary(
        at com.parctechnologies.eclipse.EmbeddedEclipse.loadEclipse(
        at com.parctechnologies.eclipse.EmbeddedEclipse.processOptions(
        at com.parctechnologies.eclipse.EmbeddedEclipse.<init>(
        at com.parctechnologies.eclipse.EmbeddedEclipse.getInstance(
        at pl.ivmx.ot.calculation.clp.PrologEngine.initializeEngine(
        at pl.ivmx.ot.calculation.clp.PrologEngine.<init>(
        at pl.ivmx.ot.calculation.clp.PrologEngine.getInstance(
        at pl.ivmx.ot.calculation.algorithm.clp.AlgorithmCLP.solve(
        at pl.ivmx.ot.calculation.algorithm.clp.AlgorithmCLP.optimize(
        at Source)

Command jeclipse also raises this error. What could be the reason for
this error? so file is located correctly. This means that in the
directory /topt/eclipse-clp/lib/sparc_sunos5/ there is

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