[eclipse-clp-users] eclipse Prolog Java multithreading with EmbeddedEclipse and OutOfProcessEclipse

From: Martin Wegner <martinator.de_at_...114...>
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 20:37:19 +0200

we, three students, want to write a multithreading Java program that 
uses eclipse prolog.

 From the universirty we can use a server with four CPUs and we want to 
use them.

It is only possible to create one EmbeddedEclipse object and when four 
threads use this object for prolog commands only one processor is used 
by the JVM.

So we tried OutOfProcessEclipse and every thread has now its own 
OutOfProcessEclipse object. So all four CPUs can be used by the JVM but 
we had a big problem with this. In some cases the threads wants to 
execute a lot of small prolog command so that we had a very huge 
communication overhead which kills our performance under a single core 
solution :(

Is it possible that an EmbeddedEclipse object can use more than one 
processor with the JVM?

Is it possible to "tune" OutOfProcessEclipse to minimize the 
communication overhead with some eclipse option tweaks?

Thanks a lot!


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