Re: [eclipse-users] Backtraking Count

From: Joachim Schimpf (Independent Contractor) <"Joachim>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 08:50:17 +0000
Christian Riquelme wrote:
> Hi everyone, i'm working on some problems and i wanna know how nany 
> backtrackings is taking to solve the problem...
> I have readed the FAQ...and says that eclipse don`t show  
> Automatically the search tree, but in the backtracking count there is a 
> blank space
> is the only metric that I thought is useful to compare...but is you 
> think that other one y better i aprettiate that (i don't understand much 
> the statistics that show eclipse)..

You can add you own backtrack counting using the code shown in

If you are using the search/6 predicate, this has the counter
built in, see the backtrack option in

-- Joachim
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