Re: [eclipse-users] Problem Running Probing for Scheduling Example

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 17:15:24 +0100
Hi Ben,

Thanks for reporting the problem -- the examples for the 
probing_for_scheduling library does not work.
The problem you see is because an upper bound of infinity (1.0Inf) is 
being assigned to the fd range, which
is not allowed. The problem probably crept in with some relatively 
recent changes in ECLiPSe, but we missed the problem here because this 
library is now obsolete, and will be removed in future versions.

The probing_for_scheduling library is obsolete because it uses the old 
fd library. For finite domain problem, the newer lib(ic) should be used, 
and it has a lib(ic_probing_for_scheduling) library to go with it, and I 
strongly recommend you to use this instread of lib(probing_for_scheduling).

Ben Mcintosh wrote:
> I am having some trouble running the example program given for the 
> "probing_for_scheduling" library given in the documentation at 
> When I compile and run the example programs on that page, I get an 
> error that looks like the following: "arithmetic exception in fix( 
> 1.0Inf, _5251)"
> Could anyone confirm that the examples are working correctly, and if 
> so, please let me know how you are invoking the examples.
> As a side question, what exactly is meant by the parameter " 
> /MaxResource - /The available resource, not to be exceeded"
> Thanks,
> Ben
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