[eclipse-users] tkeclipse doesn't run

From: Lutz, Charles D <charles.d.lutz_at_...53...>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:37:16 -0400
Hi folks,
FWIW, I have the same problems. I get the same responses if I try
the command-line commands below.
This may be an unrelated second problem, but I've noted that .tcl
scripts are not "tied" to the Tcl interpreter (i.e. in the Start
menu, under Programs->Tcl, there is e.g. "Widget Tour". The icon
is the Notepad text file icon. Indeed, if I click it, I get the
.tcl file open in Notepad vs. running via Wish. I have to start
Wish as noted previously in this thread and "source" the file
Now, when I do that, I do get a small window with the ECLiPSe icon
in it, with four menus (File, Query, Tools, and Help). In the
original Tk Console window, I get:
% Problem loading the ECLiPSe shared libraries: couldn't load
library ".\tkeclipse.dll": this library or a dependent library
could not be found in library path
I also tried the uninstall/reinstall, but unfortunately I am
not enough of a Tcl expert to diagnose the problem. I hope to
use the command line version for now, to get started.
seems to imply that Tcl/Tk 8.3 is required, therefore I have
not bothered to try with e.g. ActiveTcl. 
Chuck Lutz
> Kish Shen ha scritto:
> > If you run this, you should get two windows -- the Tk window, and a
wish shell.
> It runs, i also tried to manually load the libraries as suggested by 
> Joachim, here are the results:
> % cd "e:/programmi/eclipse 5.10/lib/i386_nt"
> % load gmp33.dll
> couldn't find procedure Gmp_Init
> % load eclipse.dll
> couldn't find procedure Eclipse_Init
> % load tkeclipse.dll
> couldn't load library "tkeclipse.dll": this library or a dependent 
> library could not be found in library path
> %
> % cd "e:/programmi/eclipse 5.10/lib/i386_nt"
> % load tkexdr.dll
> %
> > Also, you could check that the Tcl/Tk dlls are in the right place
(they should be anyway if you are
> > able to run wish) -- they are normally installed in C:\Program
> There are 4 dlls in E:\Programmi\Tcl\bin, anyway, as said, wish runs 
> correctly.
> > I also assume that you have enough disk space to install everything?
> More than 9 Gbs available.
> (Now that i think about it: could it be that there is something 
> tkeclipse.tcl doesn't like about the fact i have installed the os and 
> both eclipse and tcl/tk in e:\ instead that in c:\?)



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