Re: [eclipse-users] Max OS X install

From: Kish Shen <kish.shen_at_...2...>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:56:14 +0100
On Monday 26 March 2007 09:09, brammert wrote:
> Dear Kish,
> I get the following compile error:
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/vol/Eclipse/thirdparty/coin/x86_macosx/lib: 
> ../bin/x86_macosx/eclipse -e 
> 'get_flag(library_path,P),set_flag(library_path,["."|P]),lib(fcompile), 
> set_flag(variable_names,off), fcompile("graph_algorithms", 
> [outdir:"../lib"])'
> dyld: Library not loaded: libeclipse.dylib
>   Referenced from: /Users/brammert/Eclipse/lib/x86_macosx/eclipse.exe
>   Reason: image not found
> make[1]: *** [../lib/] Trace/BPT trap
> make: *** [make_icparc_solvers] Error 2

This does look like an error from the OS, rather than ECLiPSe.

Do you have a libeclipse.dylib? This should be in the directory:


and if you do, what are its permissions? 

In addition, could you show a listing of ../bin/x86_macosx/eclipse?
[it should be in /Users/brammert/Eclipse/bin/x86_macosx]

Unless you have stored your thirdparty stuff into /vol/Eclipse/thirdparty, the setting of 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not look correct -- are you not compiling ECLiPSe with any
thirdparty stuff?


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