[eclipse-users] Link to GMP Library

From: BLANC Benjamin <benjamin.blanc_at_...39...>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 14:37:33 +0100
I'm currently trying to take into account the extended gcd algorithm 
provided in GMP (mpz_gcdext) as an external call through a C program.
However, since the link is already done for the plain gcd/3 (mpz_gcd), I 
wonder whether it would not be much simpler to extend the bip_arith.c 
(also bigrat.c, and kernel to rrexport the new built_in) files in the 
sepia/src directory of the sources, so as to create a new built_in: gcd/5.

How can I submit this extension (I can provide a diff file summing up 
all the minor changes I had to do in order to do so)?
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