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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 18:28:20 +0000
phiroc_at_...22... wrote:
> Hello,
> could someone please explain to me the difference between CLIPS and Eclipse? Is
> Eclipse an offshoot of the CLIPS project?
I don't know what CLIPS you are referring to, but we (ECLiPSe) are not 
related to any CLIPS project. ECLiPSe grew out of the research at ECRC 
in Germany in the 1980s.
> Furthermore, how does Eclipse's Prolog differ from vanilla Prolog? Last but not
> least, what are the advantages of Eclipse over SWI-Prolog?
By vanilla Prolog, I assume you mean `standard' Prolog. ECLiPSe has 
basically the syntax you see in most textbooks for Prolog. It does have 
various syntatic extensions such as logical loops and named structures. 
However, the main extra feature of ECLiPSe is the support of various 
constraint solvers.
You can go to the ECLiPSe website (, and look at the 
features page for more detail.

As for comparison with SWI-Prolog, I don't think SWI-Prolog have much 
support for constraint solvers, as it is mainly a `pure' Prolog system. 
I think the execution speed for Prolog code is also somewhat faster in 
ECLiPSe, although I have not made any recent comparisons. [but if pure 
Prolog speed is what you are after, then there are other Prologs such as 
Yap which is probably faster than ECLiPSe]



> Many thanks.
> Philippe
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